Tech Wildcatters + Nommunity – Working with the Best

Nommunity loves the Tech Wildcatters. Let me explain.

When it comes to learning something new, having the right guide, mentor, or teacher means everything; without that expert instruction, your chances of failure are almost a certainty. I learned this lesson first hand, in grand fashion and almost literally in a blaze of glory.  Earlier this year I decided to learn to ride a motorcycle. I’ve always wanted to ride one, to be like Marlon Brando in The Wild One. And I thought this was a good idea. I was older and more responsible than I’d ever been. My mistake was my choice of mentor – let’s call him Jim. Jim had crashed his motorcycle  and, as a result no longer drove one. But as friends go, he was the only one who could teach me to ride. Not surprisingly, he explained in vague generalities, didn’t go over the importance of posture, or that the clutch is worked with the feet, not the hands. I rode that bike straight into his mailbox. Crash and burn.

The Tech Wildcatters and Nommunity

The lesson I learned is that your choice of mentor is important, and that lesson can be applied to the world of startups as well. Enter Tech Wildcatters, a two-time Forbes top 10 seed accelerator. Hundreds of companies from around the world apply for their 12-week startup “boot camp,” and only 8-10 are accepted. The companies receive first-class mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, $25,000 in seed money, a creative space in which to work, and the chance to pitch their newly polished businesses to angel investors, venture capitalists, media personnel, and corporate development teams. For the past 4 years, each “graduating class” has included stellar startups that are a testament to the Tech Wildcatters program.

Nommunity – a community for the food conscious, by the food conscious – was a proud participant of the Tech Wildcatter’s Spring 2012 program.  Our startup has been able to capitalize on first-class mentorship that can not be found elsewhere. We are glad to say that we didn’t inherit a “Jim” in our corner, but instead had an Evil Knievel showing us the ropes. So before we were able to provide you with great recipes and a locator for the food you want, we had to be a part of the Tech Wildcatters community. They believed in our idea and in our team and gave us the tools to make smart decisions.  As a startup incubator, a mentor, and friend, you will be hard pressed to  find better company than Tech Wildcatters.