What’s in a Kosher Breakfast?

Keeping Kosher doesn’t have to mean eating foods that are boring or flavorless. Especially in the case of breakfast, arguably the most important meal of the day. If it’s breakfast, it better taste good.

Every morning I wake my daughter and son (who is too young to pronounce Kosher) and do my best to whip up something one part tasty and second part Kosher. The idea of a Kosher breakfast might inspire images of a plain bagel or fruit bowl, but that’s simply not the case. The options for a great kosher breakfast go way beyond that and you non-believers are about to be converted.

So what, you may ask, goes into a delicious kosher breakfast? Here’s something to get your mouth watering…

Challah French Toast – Grab yourself a loaf of fresh challah, some confectioners sugar, a little pure vanilla and ground cinnamon. Cook up your french toast and then add a helping of kosher maple syrup for an absolutely scrumptious breakfast treat.

Kosher in the Morning

Cheese Blintzes – If you’d rather, you can substitute the french toast for a delicious cheese blintz, which just so happens to mean “pancake” in Ukrainian. You’ll need a few ingredients like eggs, flour and cheese (cottage or farmer’s). Just make sure that you’re patient. Turning blintzes too soon while they cook can lead to a lot of broken blintzes. Think about using lowfat cheese to keep this dish on the healthier side.

Hummus & Pita Bread – Bring in some Israeli flavors with this traditional favorite. The chickpea dip goes perfectly with fresh pita bread. Heat it up to really bring out the fluffiness of the pita. You can even mix up the flavors by adding olive oil, roasted pepper and garlic to your hummus dip.

Labaneh – If you’re going to dish out some hummus, you better include this homemade yogurt cheese as well. Otherwise known as Greek yogurt, the rich texture works well on its own or with pita bread.

Bagels & Schmears – You were thinking of having breakfast without bagels? I didn’t think so. Make sure you’ve got an array as everyone likes their bagel a little different (plain, salt, sesame seed, everything) and also make sure all of the yummy spreads and accoutrements are available, such as lox, cream cheese, fish spreads, tomato and more.

Shakshouka – Another Israeli favorite, this spiced egg and tomato dish is something of a take on the omelette, loaded with veggies and smothered in eggy goodness. The dish normally calls for tomato, onion and peppers but if you’ve got some other veggies laying around the fridge instead, play around and see what you can mix up!

Israeli Salad – Salad might not be your first thought when it comes to breakfast but the Israeli kosher table is constantly covered in salad, no matter what meal or time of day. Lettuce need not apply. This salad is a diced tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers covered in olive oil and lemon juice. It’s a great palette cleanser for the morning.

Turkish Coffee – Any kosher coffee will do but the Israelis usually go with a Turkish coffee to complete their meal. Prepared in a small pot, sugar is added to Turkish coffee as its made and cream or milk do not make an appearance. It might take some getting used to but there are far less delicious things to take a chance on.

The list of delicious, items that you can incorporate into your kosher breakfast go far beyond this list. Hopefully, this goes a long way in showing you that kosher doesn’t mean boring. In fact, I’m guessing that you’re pretty hungry after reading this. I know I am. Time to sit down and grub with the kiddos. Enjoy and eat well!