5 Gluten-Free Beers That Don’t Suck

So you’re an average Joe who happens to be gluten-free. You get up in the morning, shower, put on your clothes and work a job like everyone else. You probably get stressed too. So like everyone else when Friday rolls around you want nothing more than to hang out and sip on a refreshing, cold beer as promised by Super-bowl commercials. Tough luck buddy, pretty much every beer is ready to end your gluten-free streak with it’s wheat and barley. Those delicious bastards.

Gluten-Free Beers

Hope for Gluen-Free Beer

But wait! Don’t go off and cry with a wine-cooler just yet. Among the many awful gluten-free brews out there, there are a few splendid ones. Peep these 5 that are getting nothing but rave reviews:

Redbridge Beer

1. Redbridge by Anheuser-Busch
Type: Lager
Origin: American – St. Louis MO
Ingredients: Sorghum, Hops, yeast
Occasion: Watching the NBA Finals

First on the list is Anheuser-Busch’s Redbridge, an American-styled lager that has a solid body, finish and little-to-no sorghum after taste. As the beer is brewed by none other than the company of King Budweiser himself, you know that you can expect a thirst quenching, quality beer. When researching these beers Redbridge was commented for it’s great taste time and time again.
Bard's Beer

2.Bard’s Beer
Type: Lager,
Origin: American – Buffalo NY
Ingredients: Sorghum, Hops, yeast
Occasion: Cookouts

Another tasty lager is Bard’s, their creators having sought out to create a gluten-free beer for beer lovers. They felt the lack of Celiac Disease options was “a cruel injustice that we simply could not abide.” Bard’s is both rich and refreshing, with a medium body. It also uses 100% gluten-free malted sorghum in it’s process while others just keep a low enough standard to be considered gluten-free. These guys have crafted a fantastic beer with dedicated research and care.

Green's Ales

3. Green’s Ales
Type: Belgian Ale
Origin: United Kingdom – Baildon Shipley, West Yorkshire
Ingredients: Sorghum, Rice and Buckwheat
Occasion: An outing at your local pub

When it comes to Ale selection Green’s has the competition beat. Ale lovers will find a great line of distinct beers, an exceptional one being the Discovery Amber. This beer was the winner of the 2011 Foodie Award from Vegetarian Times, is well balanced with a medium body and is as satisfying as any Ale goes. Other great Green’s Ales offered in the United States are the richly tasting Endeavor and the mellow Quest. Hopefully more of these satisfying imports will open up for our market in the near feature.
New Planet

4. New Planet (My favorite)
Type: American Ale
Origin: American – Boulder CO
Ingredients: Sorghum, Corn, Hops, Yeast
Occasion: Boat parties and the outdoors

New Planet is ingenious with their selection, having an odd assortment for those with specific tastes. Their three flagship beers are the cider-y Tread Lightly Ale, the IPA Off the Grid Ale (the standout with it’s hoppy and malted taste), and the fruity 3R Raspberry Ale. The growing popularity of this small company truly shows the expanding gluten-free market. At this time distribution is limited to Colorado and 10 other states, so stop by their official site before heading to the store.

Estrella Damm Dara

5. Estrella Damm Dara (*Also my wife’s favorite)
Type: Lager
Origin: Spain – Barcelona
Ingredients: Barley malt
Occasion: Entertaining guests

Estrella Damm is a well established European brewery and this is their answer to gluten-free. The Dara contains the lowest gluten levels of any beer with less than 3 ppm (20 ppm and below being the minimum for those with Celiac disease). I would recommend giving this non-sorghum beer a try as it has won numerous awards in the gluten-free categories, including: the gold medal at The World Beer Championships, the gold medal at The International Beer Challenge and The World’s best Gluten-Free Lager Award at the World Beer Awards. Amazingly these are only three of Estrella Damm Dara’s numerous accomplishments. This light lager is quite crisp and is definitely worth a shot even if you’re not of the gluten-free variety.

Now that you know what’s out there, feel free to be a man again and enjoy one of these tantalizing brews. I know I will. Cheers.