Organic Living: 5 Ways to Get You There

For many, choosing to buy fresh is associated with hunting your local market for the USDA ‘Organic’ label. And for most, this isn’t a chore that you look forward to. Well have no fear, organic foods are abundant and near. Since going organic I’ve found a few ways with quick online research and firsthand experience on how to shop around and on a budget (as a college student this is important). Here are a few…

Organic Living: 5 Ways to Get You There

Going Organic

Grow your own – I know this might sound tedious and difficult, but you don’t even need a garden. All you need is a well lit room to have a few herbs or more going (I grow mint in front of my balcony window). Find a place in your house that’s well lit during the day, buy some organic soil, organic seeds (ask an employee what’s the appropriate seed-pot-soil ratio) throw it in a pot and give that plant some TLC. If you have the space you can look to grow vegetables as well.

Grow Organic

Buy in bulk – As most of you organic lovers know, living the lifestyle can be expensive. The easiest way to curve this problem is getting together with other organic loving folk and buying in bulk directly from suppliers. This cuts out the middle man, gets it to your front door if you’re lucky and allows you to have a healthy amount of produce. Having a surplus of organic food alone makes you eat healthier. Buying in bulk just requires you do a little research into what’s available in your area.

Buy Organic in Bulk

Buy in season – This is a tip used by high end restaurants as many chefs shop only fresh, in season produce. They cater their menu around that fact even. Produce that’s in season will be kinder on your wallet and it’s fun to go through a cookbook to find dishes. It’s a great way to celebrate a holiday feast with ingredients ripe at that time of the year. Once again it depends on what’s available in your area.

Buy Organic in Season

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – Buying a share of the CSA allows you to get a portion of the grower’s harvest. This can include fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat and poultry depending on what’s available to you. I’ve never tried this but I’ve heard it’s a great way to support a grower while getting the produce you want.

Go Organic through a CSA

Buy unprocessed food – A lot of store-bought foods are filled with chemicals and additives, the opposite of what makes organic food organic. However if you simply prepare a dish by buying all your own ingredients in raw form and cooking it from scratch – voila, an organic meal. This can be applied to organic produce or organic meats. Sounds pricey to buy all that? Think of it as an investment. Those ingredients are at your disposal for more than one meal and you’ll be able to cook with confidence. You know exactly what’s in your food and that’s always a great feeling.

Buy Unprocessed and Go Organic

With any luck, these 5 routes may be useful to you for organic living but always explore and create some for yourself. If you find any good ones feel free to share!