From Vegan to Kosher and Kosher to Vegan

It is not often thought about by vegans or those that keep kosher, but to become a kosher-vegan is not difficult at all. Likewise, the vegan that becomes attracted to the Jewish faith will not have a hard time keeping kosher. Here is one blog that discusses that overlap, let us know of others: Vegan Start.

Sage Advice for Gluten Filled World

So Christmas and Hanukkah are in the books and I, for one, am tired of cooking.  Rebecca, the Pretty Little Celiac, has put together a bookmarkable and concise list of how to stay safe while dining out. Take a look at How to order gluten free and eat safe at any restaurant…

Of course, many of her suggestions are made much easier by downloading the Nommunity Food Community App in the iTunes Store. The latest version has an Add Restaurant feature that allows you to share your local knowledge.

So take some time off. Give your forearms a break from whisking, chopping and scrubbing dried schmutz off of pans.