Doing Gluten-free my way

5 Gluten-Free Beers That Don’t Suck

So you’re an average Joe who happens to be gluten-free. You get up in the morning, shower, put on your clothes and work a job like everyone else. You probably get stressed too. So like everyone else when Friday rolls around you want nothing more than to hang out and sip on a refreshing, cold beer as promised by Super-bowl commercials. Tough luck buddy, pretty much every beer is ready to end your gluten-free streak with it’s wheat and barley. Those delicious bastards.

Gluten-Free Beers

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Gluten-Free and Giving Thanks

No one should ever say “I can’t find enough gluten-free food for Thanksgiving!!!” Let’s not joke, if there was ever a time of year where pictures of succulent, gut-busting turkey, mouthwateringly good sides and guilt-inducing desserts are abundant… It’s from November until Christmas.

But how does any of that help you? There’s thousands of pictures from thousands of gluten-free bloggers, chefs and food experts – which of them should you be following for turkey day?

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving
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Gluten-Free Baking – 4 Lip-Smacking Recipes

This is the start of my gluten-free baking addiction. Sigh…

The biggest problem early in my marriage was giving up baked sweets, with more sweets added on top. I’m one of those fellows who needs a chocolate brownie swimming in a bowl of ice cream after dinner. But since going Gluten-Free, it’s been nothing but tears and discontent.

Then I learned something. Gluten-free baking doesn’t have to be an oxymoron, thanks to substitutions like almond and rice flours, or recipes that never needed gluten in the first place. Here are four gluten free baking recipes that I explored one late night, hopefully they will become tried and true favorites.

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To Be Gluten-free or Not to be, that is the Question

There is nothing “free” about living the Gluten-free Diet. Even the most dedicated foodie would be challenged by Gluten restrictions, which if you’ve ever read a nutrition label is in seemingly everything. Yet there’s a spike in those joining the cause. Men, women and children are all dropping plates and brandishing dishes of the Gluten-free way. These people are hardcore. But are they really on to something or is it merely fad foolishness? The truth is well hidden in celebrity testimonials and contradicting advice. Before deciding if you too should take up arms, be aware of the facts; know them and the many misconceptions that Gluten-free diets offer.

Gluten-free diet is it right for me

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