Guest Blogging – We Want You!

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Nommunity was created to solve one simple problem: I have a food preference, where do I go to get it?

And just like that the an idea was born. We help you find the food you want, where you want it. Since then the idea has evolved into a community for the food passionate.

In May 2012 we joined Tech Wildcatters, a two-time Forbes featured startup accelerator. We received world-class mentorship and guidance to aide our growth. There the foundation was laid for what our little company would eventually become.

Off The Grid Food Truck Rally

Now we have the privilege of being an outlet for those who eat vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, locavore and organic. A community to share ideas, recipes, product-reviews and answers to the many questions that plague the way we eat. Our awesome app helps locate restaurants according to your diet and is gearing up for a big update. The Nom blog provides quality content and soon a robust website will incorporate both. In 2013 we’re looking to expand into a physical publication, a magazine that will highlight the best restaurants, foods, and cooking tips according to the region.

All we need is more passionate people to share their ideas and recipes – people like you.

Sound good? There’s More!

Guest blogging with us is an easy win-win. Probably because we love collaborating!

The Publishing Package:

Benefits Per Post

  • We feature your bio, photo and links on our page
  • All promotional material created is free for your use
  • Every blog post gets a press release on MyPRGenie
  • Every blog post gets a scheduled social media campaign – LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter
  • 3 Tweets on Nommuity’s twitter featuring your blog
  • 3 Facebook on Nommunity’s page highlighting your blog

What’s needed from you

  • Provide the topic of your choice
  • Provide an accompanying headline
  • We agree on a publication date  and the date you can share a copy (Needed 72 hours prior to going live for scheduling and PR)

Guest Blogging Rules and Guidelines

  • Avoid political topics
  • No direct product pitches “Product X is the best and you should buy it,” however citing a product you enjoy using is a-ok
  • No copyright infringement, plagiarism, etc. You know the drill!

And if you like…

Nommunity enjoys cross-posting. We are always happy to write original content for your blog. We’ll match your guest post on Nommunity with the promotional campaign you have in mind for us!

So let’s get together and spread the word. Just send us and email to get started -