5 Things I Know About Celiac Disease Now… But Wish I Knew Then

This past January I was diagnosed with celiac disease after 17 years of stomach aches and mystery ailments. I understood many of the things the doctor told me about the disease and my test results but after I left his office, I panicked a little thinking “now what?” The doctor was quick to diagnose me but I knew this was going to be an uphill battle with trying to figure everything out.

Rebecca Black the Pretty Little Celiac

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To Be Gluten-free or Not to be, that is the Question

There is nothing “free” about living the Gluten-free Diet. Even the most dedicated foodie would be challenged by Gluten restrictions, which if you’ve ever read a nutrition label is in seemingly everything. Yet there’s a spike in those joining the cause. Men, women and children are all dropping plates and brandishing dishes of the Gluten-free way. These people are hardcore. But are they really on to something or is it merely fad foolishness? The truth is well hidden in celebrity testimonials and contradicting advice. Before deciding if you too should take up arms, be aware of the facts; know them and the many misconceptions that Gluten-free diets offer.

Gluten-free diet is it right for me

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