What’s in a Kosher Breakfast?

Keeping Kosher doesn’t have to mean eating foods that are boring or flavorless. Especially in the case of breakfast, arguably the most important meal of the day. If it’s breakfast, it better taste good.

Every morning I wake my daughter and son (who is too young to pronounce Kosher) and do my best to whip up something one part tasty and second part Kosher. The idea of a Kosher breakfast might inspire images of a plain bagel or fruit bowl, but that’s simply not the case. The options for a great kosher breakfast go way beyond that and you non-believers are about to be converted.

So what, you may ask, goes into a delicious kosher breakfast? Here’s something to get your mouth watering…

Challah French Toast – Grab yourself a loaf of fresh challah, some confectioners sugar, a little pure vanilla and ground cinnamon. Cook up your french toast and then add a helping of kosher maple syrup for an absolutely scrumptious breakfast treat.

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