Food Trucks: A PheNOMenon

I recently paid a visit to San Francisco’s Off the Grid (OTG), my first food truck rally. And in all my years being a dedicated foodie I’d never experienced anything like it.

Nothing says locavore quite like a food truck on the go. Picture it: a steel behemoth parks curbside. The hinged window opens and dinner is served, satisfying the line; palate after grub-hungry palate – food exclusively available to you, in your city and made by average Joes like yourself.

Off The Grid Food Truck Meet

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Last Minute and Vegetable Friendly

It’s Thanksgiving and stomachs are rumbling and roaring. The turkey is nearly done and your guests will be on their way soon but you have no sides! It’s turkey day, you need them like the deserts need the rain. What are your options? Pull off a holiday miracle or accept a disastrous defeat? I say you opt for a miracle and that miracle is some quick vegetable sides!

Vegetable Side: Roasted Baby Potatoes

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The Unstoppable BabyCakes Bakery – NYC

There’s a pastry house in NYC that’s created quite a buzz – BabyCakes Bakery. In a city dominated by movement, action and a 24-hour-on-the-go lifestyle it’s easy to understand why so many New Yorkers are addicts. These addictions include coffee, donuts, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Sugar is what pleases this crowd. Everyone Loves BabyCakes Bakery [Read more...]

Vegan Gardening – Get a Green Thumb and Save Your Wallet

Crisp beans, sweet juicy plums, intense aromatic herbs – being vegan can be great for your health – but not so much for your pocket book. Finding produce that not only looks fresh but is something that you know how to cook can be a trial; on top of that, wanting that produce to be local and organic can give anyone a headache. But there’s a solution in the midst! You can have affordable produce that is incredibly local and organic – just try gardening your own food, vegan gardening!

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Vegan Summer Food Festivals

Whether you’ve already adopted the vegan lifestyle or are simply curious, attending a summer festival is a great way to keep up with, or learn about, all the great benefits of going vegan! More and more people have been experiencing the energy and good feelings that a vegan diet brings. With its rise in popularity, there are several options for a summertime vegan festival excursion.

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Vegetarianism: Government Support and The People

Health Reasons for Vegetarianism
This world of ours is growing smaller while the human eco footprint is growing larger. Nowadays eating meat is becoming a highly inefficient way to fuel the human body.

Governments across the world support the people’s choice in vegetarianism because it is the healthier choice for nutrition.  Vegetarians enjoy a diet of healthy food that includes balanced nutrition and none of the foods that are unhealthy like processed and packaged foods containing excess salt, sugar, and fat.  Studies have shown direct health problems associated with eating meat, so much that insurance companies are beginning to offer discounts for vegetarians.

Britain, China, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have all done extensive research studies with large populations. The studies show clear and conclusive evidence that vegetarianism is healthier than a diet containing meat.  Vegetarians have less obesity, diabetes, cancer, and vascular disease as well as reductions in other health risks associated with a diet high in fat and cholesterol.

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